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About Me
Jess Lee

Hello! I'm Jess, the creator behind Made by Jess Lee. At a young age, I found the joy of making things from scratch. With fabrics, a needle, and thread, I would hand-sew my own tops and skirts. With each finished product, a sense of pride and achievement was instilled in me. I handmade more projects and moved on to other crafty hobbies, including folding origami, making 3D paper models, baking fondant cakes, and even practicing calligraphy. 

In 2017, I found my passion in creating floral backdrops. One of my favourite projects is to install beautiful life-like flower walls for events. Each backdrop is an artwork, and everyone enjoys taking pictures with them. My team works alongside me to develop stunning decorations for homes and events. 


Please scroll through the gallery to view some of our work. Get in touch to discuss your event ideas - I look forward to hearing from you! 

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